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Analytics for Air Traffic Management

Martedì 10 dicembre 2019 ore 15.00
Sala Consiglio (8° piano)
Dipartimento di Informatica "Giovanni degli Antoni"
(Via Celoria 18 - Milano)

Guglielmo Lulli
Department of Management Science, Lancaster University

Referente: Roberto Cordone


Air Traffic Management is the overall collection of the air traffic system’s management processes that support the ultimate goal of safe, efficient, and expeditious aircraft movement. Because the growth of demand has not been supported by a corresponding development of the air traffic system, the need for a
more efficient use of capacity is imperative. In response to this need, prominent initiatives have been launched to modernise the Air Traffic Management system.

In this talk, I will provide an overview of some of the issues, challenges and research opportunities that are relevant to the analytics community in order to deploy a more flexible, resilient and scalable air transport system than today. In particular, I will focus on data analytics approach for 4D trajectory optimization with Airspace Users preferences. The approach is composed of a predictive analytics component that learns Airspace Users' preferences and reduces the set of possible 4D trajectories accordingly; and of a prescriptive component that assigns 4D trajectories to flights by solving a path-based integer programming formulation. Using flight trajectories queried from Eurocontrol DDR2 data repositories, the learning phase is mainly based on tree classifiers, support vector machines and multiple regression, which allow us to analyze the relation
between trajectories and potential preference determinants. As a result, a set of trajectories and information on related Airspace Users' preferences is computed for each flight. These sets feed the optimization model
for the assignment phase.

Joint work with L. De Giovanni and C. Lancia

29 novembre 2019
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