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Lighting and rendering in visual effects: A technical perspective

Lunedì 23 Aprile 2018, dalle ore 10:30 alle ore 13:00,

Aula V5, Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Venezian 15, Milano

Relatore:  Davide Selmo, Senior R&D Engineer, Industrial Light & Magic, Londra

Referente: Davide Gadia



Visual effects have played a major role in the cinematic storytelling toolset since the beginning of filmmaking. Nowadays software and hardware technology allow for the generation of photorealistic images which are indistinguishable from reality. Among the different stages of VFX production, lighting and rendering play a key role in achieving such photorealism. The aim of the talk is to provide an overview of the visual effects pipeline, mainly focusing on the technical challenges in lighting and rendering and discuss how computer science and software engineering skills are applied in these fields.

Short bio

Davide Selmo graduated from the University of Milan in 2001 and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the same University in 2005. After delivering projects on lighting and rendering at both academies and private companies, he joined the visual effect industry in 2011 as software developer at MPC. He then moved to Foundry where he contributed to the development of the award-winning lookdev and lighting software Katana. After working as software engineer at Google DeepMind, in 2017 he joined Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic as Senior R&D Engineer where he’s in charge of the core components of the in-house lighting and rendering tools.

13 aprile 2018
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