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1st Int. Workshop on Multilayer Music Representation and Processing

The first edition of the International Workshop on Multilayer Music Representation and Processing (MMRP19) will take place in Milano, Italy, 24-25 January 2019, and will be organized by the Laboratory of Music Informatics (LIM). The program includes 3 scientific sessions with renowned experts in sound and music computing from leading international research centers.

The workshop is held in conjunction with the kick-off of the IEEE Working Group (WG) for XML Musical Application. Ten years after the release of the IEEE 1599-2008 Standard for music representation, the WG will work at updating and extending the standard to provide a multilayered meta-representation of music information, achieving integration among general (metadata), structural, notational, computer-driven performance, and audio layers.

For further information: http://mmrp19.di.unimi.it/

Reference people: Goffredo Haus (general chair), Federico Avanzini, Luca A. Ludovico (program co-chairs)

11 gennaio 2019
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