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Discrete Choice, Permutations and Reconstruction

The 12 April 2019 at 2.30p.m.

Sala del Consiglio, VIII piano (vie Celoria 18)

Speaker: Flavio Chierichetti, Sapienza University

Reference people: Paolo Boldi



The family of Random Utility Models was developed over 50 years ago to codify rational user behavior in choosing one item from a finite set of options. In this setting each user draws i.i.d. from some distribution a utility function mapping each item in the universe to a real-valued utility. The user is then offered a subset of the items, and selects the one of maximum utility. A Max-Dist oracle for this choice model takes any subset of items and returns the probability (over the distribution of utility functions) that each will be selected. A discrete choice algorithm, given access to a Max-Dist oracle, must return a function that approximates the oracle. We will discuss a number of results in the most general RUM setting, and in the important special case of a Multinomial Logit mixture model.

(Joint work with Ravi Kumar and Andrew Tomkins.)

25 gennaio 2019
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