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Finding-MS - An integrated approach to predict disease activity in the early phases of Multiple Sclerosis

The main objective of FindingMS is to integrate clinical, Magnetic Rseonance Imaging data, lifestyle features and multiple –omics profiles associated to inflammatory activity, with the final aim of accelerating personalized medicine in MS through the identification of biomarkers of inflammatory activity and the development of network-based and artificial intelligence (AI) approaches able to predict disease activity in the early phases of the disease. Our goal is timely, not only because there is an urgent need for precision management in MS but also because necessary knowledge and methodologies to perform a comprehensive characterization of MS patients using multi-layer data is now available. The specific aims of the project are:
    • Aim 1: Identification of molecular markers and signatures of disease activity taking advantage of genetic data, transcriptomic, miRNA and methylation signatures, lifestyle and environmental factors (EF)
    • Aim 2: Development of a systems biology based approach towards a better characterization of the molecular mechanisms implicated in disease activity integrating the different layers of information
    • Aim 3: Development of a predictive model of disease activity able to predict MS disease activity suitable for personalized medicine applications in the clinical setting.
The project is leaded by the S.Raffaele Hospital of Milan, and includes CNR - Institute for Bio-medical Technologies, the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse and geneXplain, a German bioinformatics company.


03 maggio 2021
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