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Interactive L_0 optimization in geometry processing and robotics

Data: Giovedì 9 febbraio alle 14:30

Place sala del consiglio, 8° piano

Speaker: Roi Poranne, University of Haifa, Israel

Responsabile: Marco Tarini

Abstract: Many problems in geometry processing and robotics can be conveniently formulated as optimization problems where the objective includes the L_0 norm. However, these problems are inherently combinatorial in nature, which makes them computationally challenging. I will discuss smoothening the L_0 norm and then gradually sharpening it as a strategy towards solving these problems. The advantage of this approach is that it allows us to employ smooth optimization techniques that integrate well into interactive application. These are essential in design environments, where not all objectives can be formulated succinctly, i.e. when user subjectivity is involved.


01 febbraio 2023
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