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General Unimi travels regulation

General regulations for travels are available on UNIMI website.


Authorizazion to travel abroad

All students that are planning to travel abroad need to obtain the authorization. Follow these two steps:

  1. At least 20 days before departure fill the following two forms and send them by email to the PhD Coordinator and CC the PhD secretary.
  2. At least 10 days before departure, give the two forms you received from the coordinator to Ufficio Dottorati e Master:
    • by mail (Ufficio Dottorati e Master - Segreterie Studenti, via Festa del perdono 7, 20122 Milano) or
    • by fax (0250313731) or
    • at the help desk (“Segreterie Studenti”, via S. Sofia 9/1, Monday-Friday 9.00/12.00)


Increased scolarship due to travels outside Italy

Students that are beneficiary of a scholarship and that are planning to travel, in addition to the authorization (which is mandatory), can also issue a request to have their scholarship increased during the journey. Follow these two steps:

  1. Fill this form:
    • for travels longer than ten days use this form that must be signed by the student. In this case scholarship is increased by 50%

      The form must be sent:
    • as attachment to the authorization request issued to the coordinator see “authorization to travel abroad”, point 1 and
    • as attachment to the authorization request issued to Ufficio Dottorati e master, see “authorization to travel abroad”, point 2.

  2. While abroad, fill the certificate of attendance and send it as reported on the form itself.


The administration can pay in advance some expenses, as specified below. If you need this, you should ask the administrative offices at least 15 days in advance.

  • Conference/School registration, only if they accept a payment through bank transfer.
  • Flight/Train ticket. In this case you should write an e-mail to ngallina@duomoviaggi.it or maurizio.alessandri@ext.gattinoni.it qualifying yourself as a Ph.D. student of this department and ask them to provide an estimate of the ticket cost. Once you have decided PRECISELY which ticket you need, you will involve our administrative offices and they will ask clupviaggi to emit the ticket. Note that you cannot change your mind after the ticket has been issued.
  • No other expense can be paid in advance.
If the payment in advance is to be performed on your advisor’s funds, you should ask your advisor in advance; if it is to be performed on the Ph.D. funds, you should first ask the Ph.D. secretary (and obtain the authorization).
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