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The Computer Science Ph.D. provides a program that supplies:

  • a wide and exhaustive knowledge on the basis of Information Technology, Computer Science, and similar branches,
  • advanced skills on specific subject aspects that are essential for autonomous research activities,
  • a cross-subject knowledge to exploit arising synergies between sciences, information technology, and other research areas,
  • a sound methodological education to carry out research activities, as well as their organization, management, and communication.

The Computer Science Ph.D. program prepares people, providing them innovative and in-depth knowledge on specific subjects, along with a high flexibility and a wide broadmindedness. The Ph.D. program prepares students to perform autonomously and manage theoretical and practical researches, putting them in a position to contribute to the growth of the international scientific and technological knowledge. Furthermore, the program supplies the competences to design and realize complex computing systems, to develop innovative solutions, and to transfer knowledge to organizations, contributing to consolidate and expand the role of Italian enterprises in the global economic environment.

The Ph.D. program didactics is organized to put beside:

  • an offer of a number of initiatives typically structured in cultural-homogeneous areas (training programs), organized in short and extensive courses,
  • other instructive opportunities, that comprise courses and internal seminars, as well as external initiatives organized by Italian and international universities, with the aim to widen educational opportunities and to favour the Ph.D. program internationalization.

Each Ph.D. student can build his own study plan selecting the educational initiatives of his interest.


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