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Incoming students  

In this section, international students bound for the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan will find useful information for their stay and a brief guide on what to do before, during, and after their stay.

Erasmus and other exchange programs

Teaching information


The lists of the courses are updated to 06/09/2023.

  • Syllabi and more information about courses
  • Courses timetable To see the timetable of courses held in English available in Milan, choose Course of Study “Informatica (classe lm-18) (magistrale)” and Year of Study "English courses Milan"
  • Exam calls
  • Reminder: you need to enroll in advance via UNIMIA
  • ARIEL platform used by professors for providing teaching material
  • Language proficiency (recommended): Italian B1 for courses held in Italian, English B2 for courses held in English, B1 in Italian and English for courses held in both languages.


If you are interested in working for your thesis/dissertation at UNIMI, eventually in conjunction also with courses, you need to identify the courses as said above, AND at the same time you need to search for the dissertation/thesis by contacting the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator providing: a) your current degree program (bachelor, master); b) how many ECTS you need to get at UNIMI for your dissertation/thesis according to your study plan at your home university; c) a brief description of your background; d) the list of courses you attended in your home university; e) the area of interest for your dissertation/thesis (e.g., artificial intelligence, databases, privacy and security). 

The Erasmus Departmental Coordinator will search for you a supervisor for your dissertation/thesis at UNIMI Computer Science Department. If a supervisor will have been identified and you will have agreed upon the topic, the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator complete the discussion of the learning agreement including the dissertation/thesis and, eventually, the courses and sign the learning agreement. If the supervisor will not be found, you cannot be accepted at UNIMI for the dissertation/thesis and the learning agreement cannot be signed. Not following the above process, will result in an unpredictable delay which may impair your Erasmus mobility.

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The lists of the courses are updated to 06/09/2023.

Syllabi and more information about courses

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