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How to: a guide  

Erasmus students

Carefully follow the step-by-step memorandum on the enrolment procedure at http://www.unimi.it/ENG/relations/31234.html

Prepare your Learning Agreement

  • Select the courses you are interested in attending (see the list available here) and prepare a draft of your Learning Agreement
  • Submit your Learning Agreement to our Erasmus committee by sending an e-mail to the International Programs Secretary (Ms. Lorena Sala, lorena.sala@unimi.it), please attach your Transcript of Records
  • If your Learning Agreement is approved, you will receive an e-mail with the signed document
  • Ask your Sending Institution for the approval of your Learning Agreement
  • Return the approved Learning Agreement to both the Sending Institution and to the International Programs Secretary (Ms. Lorena Sala, lorena.sala@unimi.it)

 Before leaving home

  • Make sure that your University has informed the Erasmus Office in due time about your arrival at the University of Milan
  • Make sure that your Learning Agreement has been approved by the Sending University and by the University of Milan.


During your stay at the University of Milan

  • Do not miss the informative meetings organized for international students at the Department of Computer Science (details about date, location, and time will be sent you by email).
  • If you need to modify your Learning Agreement, please contact us with your proposal.

Before going back home

  • Make sure that you have passed the final exams for the courses you have attended (note that you need to pass the exams at the University of Milan to have credits recognized by your Sending Institution).
  • Ask the International Students Office for the Transcript of Records and the Certificate of Stay.

If you need any information, please contact us.

Students participating in other exchange programs

Contact the education coordinator of your program.

International students enrolled to UNIMI programs

Enrolment procedures for international students are available here.


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